Guided Hike

The advantages of a guided hike on Canada’s West Coast Trail.


The advantages of a guided hike on Canada’s West Coast Trail.

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Note: The West Coast Trail is our most popular trip and spaces are snapped up quickly. We limit our spaces to 8 with 2 accompanying guides.

What to Consider if Thinking about a Guided Hike.
A guided hike is not for everyone. There is a special social and cooperative dynamic at work that is not suitable for all personalities. Hikers who consider this option usually join us for safety reasons, hiking/camping inexperience, and overall convenience. I believe that for some it is that simple. But for others, it is, or becomes, more profound.

As professional guides, your participation is far more profound to us. Beth Dempster, our most senior West Coast Trail guide, expresses what we feel and hope that you will take away with you:

“For each of us, regardless of our skills and reasons for participating, trips have involved new experiences and new challenges, all within a new and different setting. And what a setting! It’s a wilderness environment (which entails extra risks as well as extra beauty) with a group of people that begin as strangers and leave with connections. Challenge, wilderness, and cooperative companionship – it’s a rich combination that brings out a unique and remarkable energy. It’s a mingling of helping hands, campfires, thunderstorms, good food, triumphs, struggles, sore muscles, late-night conversations and laughter. To be a part of such rich experiences, is a reward that is unmatched in other endeavours. ”

Why doing a guided West Coast Trail may be an advantage for you.

  • Our park certified and licensed guides are experienced in the activity they lead, and possess Advanced Wilderness First Aid training.
  • Our guides provide cultural, historical, and natural background during trips.
  • We provide nutrious, balanced meals that included snacks and beverages.
  • Our guides do meal preparations and clean-up.
  • Our professionalism and practices are recognized and licensed by territorial, provincial, state, and federal park authorities.
  • We support and follow eco-tourism and no trace camping practices.
  • We provide tents, stoves, water filters, pots/pans, etc, major first aid supplies, satellite phone/marine radio.
  • All park camping and permit fees are included.
  • We have been leading groups on the West Coast Trail for over 25 years.
  • The number of days on the trail and our hiking pace have been determined over time to represent the best experience for hikers.
  • Our guides visit features along the trail that are unknown to the average hiker.
  • We forward comprehensive and informative literature about equipment and clothing needs for your wilderness adventures in Canada.
  • Through our years of experience we know that you will have questions as you prepare for your wilderness adventure; we respond promptly to your phone or email questions.